Italy’s Critical Wine

Jeremy Parzen over at his excellent blog, Do Bianchi, posted a piece I wrote earlier this year for the magazine’s April issue on the Italian organization Critical Wine. (You can read it via Do Bianchi here). It’s part of a thread he picked up on in his fascinating post ‘Anarchist Wine‘ a couple days ago. There he links back to my dear friend Alan, who attended a recent conference which involved Critical Wine at the Leoncavallo centro sociale in Milan. (Read Alan’s account here)

Whew!, that’s a flurry of links and threads. Anyway, I wanted to point this out because I find Critical Wine–and movements like it–to be an important part of the contemporary Italian wine world. And, as Jeremy points out, much of that world is something that few Americans ever fully see; we’ve swallowed too much of the silly romantic Italy to comprehend the country and the complexities of its culture. Although from what friends say, and from my own experiences in Italy, few Italians both paying much attention to these things anyway. But maybe Critical Wine, or at least organizations and events like it, can help get that dialog started. And judging from the recent blog response to Critical Wine, maybe that dialog is already underway.

3 thoughts on “Italy’s Critical Wine

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