Sunday – In Rainbows

It’s late night and I’m feeling sated after some delicious homemade potato leek soup washed down with Czechvar (a.k.a. Budweiser Budvar, for you Czech beer lovers). So rather than stare any longer at this computer screen (check it, blogroll updated down there to the right–all great blogs to read!), I’m going to pick up my book and read before bed.

Oh, one piece of news to share: if you like haven’t named your price and downloaded Radiohead’s latest album, In Rainbows, already, December 10 is the last day to officially do so. Go here to start the download ( After that you either have to wait for the physical version to come out on January 1 or head over to your favorite file-sharing service. If you like Radiohead, that is.

Swamped on production deadlines for W&S tomorrow but I hope to post about my tasting group’s session on Saturday with 2003 Austrian Riesling. So, until then.

Okay, maybe another Czechvar.

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