Okay, so I started this thing like a little over a week ago and I’ve already been listed on Fermentation? Wow, cool out! Thanks, Tom! And that’s some pretty damn illustrious company you namecheck, too. Although I’m not too sure about the title of your post…

(You can read Tom Wark’s post over at Fermentation here).

From Fermentation:

There is a very comfortable, personal, insiders feel to Wolfgang’s new blog. It will be interesting to see if he talks much about the process of working in the world of wine journalism. I for one would be interested in reading about the intricacies of that life. The fact is it’s a world very few people get a glimpse into and this is why, I presume, we regularly hear criticisms about wine publication not to mention claims of nefarious intentions when it comes to their coverage and review.

Isn’t that the butt end for critics in any field? But yes, I do plan to talk about these sorts of things–and I plan to have fun doing it.

One thought on “Wow!

  1. Wolfgang,

    It’s just a funny word and I’m very fond of funny words.

    But you are right. That is the butt end for critics. The thing is there is often good reason for critics to be critiqued, but too often, particularly in this industry, the criticism of critics rises to accusations of conspiracy when a simple questioning of taste will do.


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