Another Year…

Not much blogging going on here ’cause it’s my birthday today and I’ve had plenty of distractions, including a down home dinner at The Front Porch we had last night with friends. I brought along a bottle of Ridge’s 2000 Lytton Springs, which is about 80% zinfandel and 20% petite sirah, all from the Lytton Estate in Dry Creek Valley. Some of the vines here are over 110 years old; others are younger. I’ve always loved this wine for its elegance and this bottle didn’t disappoint. And it’s aging beautifully, the fruit bright and red, the wine’s structure built around its acidity more than anything else.

Tonight’s house party will be a little more raucous, complete with a negroni bar, wine, beer and cupcakes (mmm, birthday cupcakes).

A couple of the wine selections I’m excited about drinking while celebrating my birthday: Domaine de la Pepière 2006 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie (one of my all time favorite party wines); Peillot’s 2004 Altesse Rousette du Bugey; and Domaine de Sablonnettes 2004 Anjou “Les Genêts”.

A few others might appear from my stash, which was recently brought home from the bunker.

*Last year my dear friend Gil found a bottle of 1977 Chateau Picon Lalande which she gave me for my birthday and which we promptly drank. Yum! While 1977 is a Port year, this wine was delicious and still quite lively. I’m a big fan of drinking wine from one’s birth year (or at least trying to)–call me new agey, but it’s a lovely way to connect with another product of this Earth’s that’s been around as long as you have.

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