Head in the Stars


After visiting Anderson Valley in Mendocino County this past weekend (more to come on that), where the spectacular night sky reminded we San Franciscans that yes, there are stars above us, I’ve been on a bit of a space kick. The above photograph, a shot of Venus and Jupiter glowing brightly in pre-dawn sky near the Caspian Sea, was taken on the morning of February 2, my birthday. So in the spirit of matching cool pictures of things in space with random dates (like, say, the start of a vintage, or important dates on the biodynamic calendar), I present the fun link of the day, NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive. Good times!

3 thoughts on “Head in the Stars

  1. That’s a beautiful picture you have there! I have never seen them so big and bright in my part of the world, Southern India…

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  3. Dear Sirs,
    Please can I have permission to use your sky image as part of my GCSE ICT project which is all about organising trips for foreign students.
    Yours sincerely,
    Kausar Bapu.
    Crown Hills Community College,

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