Olfactory Delights


…Or maybe not if you fear a little funque in your wine.

I believe that the perfume and wine worlds occupy similar rings in the sensory universe (anybody read Patrick Suskind’s Perfume?).

In a move that reflects the sensory aspirations of both worlds–and which could make even the most flowery wine writer choke on his or her next descriptive screed–Paris-based parfumeur Etat Libre D’Orange has released a new fragrance called Sécrétions Magnifiques. The perfume, according to this post on Divine Caroline, features “the four S’s of raw sexuality: Sperm, Sweat, Saliva, and Sang (French for blood).”


Following up on a post over at Fermentation about niche-marketing (in this case, a sweet pink wine aimed at the gay community), I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this trickle over into the wine world. And maybe it already has. Could this prosecco be flavored with the tears of Paris Hilton?

What’s next? If you know of other wine examples here, please leave a comment!

*Divine Caroline titled their post “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. So, no surprise where this is going…


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