Amaro Amaro Amaro

I have an article in today’s Chronicle on Italian amari–one of my favorite, favorite things to drink.

Had the deadline been a little later, I might have included the amazing Kloster Bitter from Abbazia di Novacella (yes, it’s made by monks), which is made from small pine cones harvested from tiny brush pines that grow around 2,400 feet in Alto Adige. But sadly I had no idea it existed until yesterday when I tasted it here at VinItaly.

You can read my amaro aritcle here.

4 thoughts on “Amaro Amaro Amaro

  1. Great article, I am a lover of Amari and find a fine meal without an Amaro lacking. You mention Portland in your article and I can’t help but note what a misery it is to buy Amari in Oregon. Our state run system is often sold out and the price at $38.50 a bottle staggeringly above other markets. My preferred brand is Averna, but have a place in my often full stomach for all of them.

  2. Loved the article — just started drinking amaro in the last year — I hope they start to import the Kloster Bitter soon…..will keep a watch out for it. Have you heard any plans for it being imported in the near future?

    Thanks again for the article — great read.

  3. Craig and Tom:

    The only problem with being an amaro lover in this country is that they can be hard to find–even, sometimes, the better known brands.

    Re: Kloster Bitter. At the moment, it’s only available directly at Abbazia di Novacella. So, if you happen to be around Bolzano, pick up a bottle for me! Abbazia di Novacella’s wines are imported to the US by Vias; maybe they’ll start to bring in the amaro. It’s cool stuff, if a total niche product.

    – wolfgang

  4. I get excited when someone writes about Amaro. It is one of my passions, I love amari. I own a small ristorante e enoteca in Memphis, Tn. and I have as many amari that I can find on display behind my bar. We offer an Amaro tasting because most people aren’t familiar and it’s a way to let them try 3 different ones because they are all so different from each other. I brought back more Amari than wine on my last trip to Italy. I always go to Bari so I get local bottles of amaro. I have Amaro Lucano, which is very serious, I think it’s the strongest amaro I’ve ever had. I also bought a bottle of amaro that is made in Alberobello, it’s a lighter style. I was told to put it in the freezer. Amaro Pugliese was another one. I thought you would of mentioned Monte Negro, but maybe that isn’t available in your area. Antico Amaro di Serravelle is an nice one for people who haven’t had amaro before, it’s a lighter one with a strong orange flavor. I am always looking for new Amari to try! I am doing my part to introduce the south to the joys of Amaro. Thanks for the article.

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