VinItaly 08: Anteprima 2007

Besides this picture, which I thought captured a certain attitude towards the well-reported Montalcino scandal at this year’s VinItaly, one of the things I came away with from the event was the excitement many growers and winemakers feel towards their 2007 wines. You can read a brief report I wrote about tasting wines from this vintage at VinItaly over at Wine & Spirits.

3 thoughts on “VinItaly 08: Anteprima 2007

  1. Weeks after VinItaly, the NYT finally has an article about the affair; such is the relevance of blogs. I very much enjoy your writing/viewpoint and continue to send friends to your site. I am in France yearly and support the work of artisans but have been drifting across the border to indulge in the bright and energetic wines in Italy these days. And then there’s the Berlusconi thing…

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Richard.

    It’s true that it’s an exciting moment in Italian wine, for both good things and bad. And perhaps ultimately this most recent scandal will also be a good thing for the industry.

    Berlusconi, oy…

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