My Name Doesn’t Change Very Often…

“…but it’s never been Don and Sherri”

Away from the wine, at least until later tonight when I suspect I’ll indulge plenty.

Here’s the video for one of my favorite tracks of this year (or at least from within the last year): Matthew Dear’s Don & Sherri. Fun, funky upbeat stuff…good for a long bike ride, not that I’m advocating the use of headphones while riding or anything. Dig the layered vocal effect!

The entire record, Asa Breed, is really excellent, and absolutely worth checking out (thanks to Guilhaume down at Terroir for turning me on to it! Like their wine, the boys at Terroir take their tunes seriously, playing only vinyl records of course).

There’s also a Hot Chip version kicking around; somebody’s homemade, erm, video is below:

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