Bubbles & Boom

So I had a delicious Cava last week, the German Gilabert Cava Brut Nature, which I picked up at my neighborhood shop on the way over to a friend’s place for dinner. Prosecco is usually my inexpensive bubbly of choice but for some reason I went for the Cava instead. Maybe it was the geeky label, done up as it is in a Brady Bunch font?

(I’m a closet label whore. Shhh…)

Or perhaps it was the tag ‘brut nature’, which in bubblespeak means no dosage–that popular, Champagne hipster approved style where zero grams of sugar have been added to the wine. I’m not sure if there are other terms to indicate this method on a label, but ‘brut nature’ seems to show up the most often. Peter (or anyone else), care to elaborate?

Anyway, the German Gilabert is dry as you might expect, but also quite refreshing in the same tingly way that Dr. Bronner’s soap is. Like, it’s searing at first and then suddenly you feel cool and relaxed. Probably not the most ringing endorsement, but damn, it was a nice Cava.

Meanwhile, onto the boom. It seems that some crazy winemaker in Limoux in southern France blew up his winery with his own homemade bomb. As of yet, it’s undetermined if he belonged to CRAV, a group of militant winemakers in the region, or if he was, I don’t know, trying some new technique to soften the tannins in his wine… Gives a whole new meaning to ‘fruit bomb’, now doesn’t it? There’s an article at Decanter all about it.

Oh, and some car is cranking ‘Funky Town’ outside my window. That’s how you know it’s Friday in San Francisco. Check it:

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