The Perfect Negroni

(Above: A refreshing Negroni is the perfect cure for a case of the summertime blues)

Gotta love summer. Easily my busiest work period of the year and everyone else gets to go on vacation. Bastards. Anyway, because I’ve been buried under multiple deadlines recently, rather than post something original, I’m going to pinch work from colleagues. Well, not exactly. My friend Jordan Mackay has a cool article in the current issue of 7X7, where he talks a little about his experiences as a bartender at San Francisco’s Cantina–a hub of this city’s current cocktail revolution, and easily one of the most enjoyable places in town to get sauced.

A fun side/end bar from the article:

What Your Drink Says About You

1. Shot of Patrón You think you know, but you have no idea.
2. Pacifico and a shot of anything Fine-dining restaurant employee.
3. Sommelier Sidecar Your knowledge of wine is not as good as you think it is.
4. Vodka Soda Marina chick (even if you’re a guy).
5. Jack and Diet Ex–frat boy who spends too much time at the gym.
6. Dark and Stormy Seasoned drinker who’s “on the wagon.”
7. Milk of Millennia You’re likely from L.A.
8. Mojito European tourist who will later ask whether we know of a good disco in the area.
9. Vodka Red Bull Show us your ID.
10. Pisco Sour Young woman from a South American country, or a dyed-in-the-wool cocktail geek.

Also be sure to check out the video at the end where Jordan describes how he makes one of my all time favorite cocktails, the Negroni. Yes please!

(Go here to read the whole thing)

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