More Guilty Pleasures

My friend Tom was over last night, and he brought along two excellent wines from California’s north coast, Handley’s 2006 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir and Peay’s 2005 Sonoma Coast Marsanne/Roussanne. Both were quite graceful, with notable clarity and honesty in their flavors. The Handley wine is easy enough to find; the Peay, not so much because they have something like two or three rows of marsanne and roussanne planted and there’s simply not a lot of wine to go around. Worth trying if you find it though.

Back to the subject line- I just got a new iPhone, perhaps the biggest guilty (geeky) pleasure around these days. This is my first mobile post with it (and the WordPress app) so it’ll be interesting to see how this all works, looks, etc. Below, the empty bottle of Peay and Handley, and copy of St. Etienne’s recent release, Boxette. A lovely set of music to pair with pinot and white Rhonish wine.


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