Delicious Things

“I’m going where there’s no depression…”

Despite the (rather painful) extraction of a wisdom tooth last week, I did manage to drink a few delicious bevvies over the course of these last days. Maybe it’s the hint of desperation and talk of Long Depressions in the air, or perhaps I just couldn’t stomach any more days without drinking good wine or eating something solid (man can only last so long on shakes and soup). Regardless, we’re still here, and there’s still enjoyment to be had in life.

Now that’s mall food: Sea Dog Root Beer and Trumer Pilsner with a chicken and shiitake steamed bun at Out the Door. Charles Phan opened this branch of his legendary Slanted Door restauranta couple years ago in the San Francisco Center, a glorified urban mall. The steamed buns are delicious, and quite yummy with Sea Dog Brewing’s root beer (from Maine) and Trumer Pils, from an Austrian-based brewery that set up shop in Berkeley.

Who needs vicodin when there’s riesling? Throbbing pain be damned, I opened a bottle of 2005 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese from Kerpen for dinner the other night. Nothing quite relaxes tension like good riesling, I say, and this was top notch. From a killer vineyard, this was a good example of ripe-vintage riesling aging gracefully and maintaining balance; the flavors felt poised between slatey minerality, brisk green apple freshness and an outright juiciness (methinks that would be the vintage).

The Kerpen was perfect with this flakey tart Simon made, stuffed with carmelized onions, bacon and green apples (which I coated in bacon fat, natch). No doubt, we’re facing hard times but now I don’t feel so crazy for stockpiling a bunch of wine instead of playing the stock market.

To close, ‘No Depression’ from Uncle Tupelo (whence the quote at the start of this post):

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