No Skating of Any Kind: Restaurant Prohibitions

References to farms or other suppliers on menus notwithstanding, restaurants often employ some creative signage. Bi-Rite Market, which obviously isn’t a restaurant although there’s plenty of great shit to eat, has a hand-written sign up at the butcher counter informing customers that they can now get “Bill Niman’s Goat” at the store (according to this article from Wednesday’s New York Times, Niman, who founded the meat company Niman Ranch, can no longer use his own name in conjunction with any ranching business; his products are labeled simply BN Ranch). Bill Niman’s goat is delicious, by the way.

But restaurant signage is more often than not about what patrons can’t do in a restaurant. No entry. Don’t touch. Kitchen staff only.

Or, as in the case of Kreuz’s, the mothership barbeque joint in Lockhart, Texas, no roller skating or skateboarding, as seen below:

I don’t know about you, but when I eat smoky barbequed ribs I just want to bust out a pair of roller skates and get down!

And then last night we went for deep dish at the Mission branch of San Francisco’s Little Star Pizza. Great pie, sort of a California version of Chicago deep dish — the crust feels somehow lighter; polenta? — and killer beers on draft (Blue Star, Racer 5). Wine list needs work, althought they carry Quivira, a biodynamic grower and winery from Dry Creek Valley. But it’s not the food or beer I remember most. It seems Little Star has had some issues with bathroom graffiti, and they’ve issued a plea to patrons and would-be taggers, below:

“Honestly we rather you give us the finger on the way out than destroy our mirror, garbage can, or walls.”

Now them’s fightin’ words!

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