View From America: Sarah Palin on Al Jazeera

Not at all wine related…

My friend Casey works for Al Jazeera, the Doha-based Arabic and English language cable news channel. It’s a job that takes him to all corners of the world, places far more exotic than this wine journalist ever gets to. My inner traveler is insanely jealous.

Casey’s currently covering the US presidential campaign, and he’s spent the last several weeks in the several swing states that will end up deciding the outcome of this election. Below is his (terrifying to me) account of a recent Sarah Palin rally in Ohio. Yikes!

5 thoughts on “View From America: Sarah Palin on Al Jazeera

  1. With the tag line “Country First” why would McCain, who put his life on the line for his country, choose a VP who is directly associated with a cessation group, the AIP? The answer is obvious, he needed to seal-the-deal with the party’s base.

    My very real fear now, if Obama wins, the Right will spawn in an unorganized fashion, domestic terrorist attacts. Are there ties between today’s NC polling booth aggressive McCain protesters and the journalist who is beaten to a breath from her life, who gave a cameo appearance in “W.”?

    The Palin choice has lost my vote.


  2. Gotta get down to it/ Crazies are runnin’ that town.

    Looks like many of Ohio’s people are as ugly as the view from their turnpike. Yikes, indeed.

  3. If you are going to scare me with such stuff, you should at least send a nice bottle of wine to settle my nerves.

    It is amazing how quick we are to always look at the outrageous outside of our country, when there is so much that is so close to home to be appreciated.

    I used to think people were crazy for drinking white zinfandel….that doesn’t qualify crazy anymore…..

    Actually, it would be interesting to see percentages of people that drink white zin and think that Obama is a Muslim, terrorist or hates white people and his country….

  4. I know these kinds of people are out there, but when you listen to them speak it is really a skin crawling moment. your friend is very brave. I get freaked out when I leave the bay area, and that video is proof why.

    Bubble lounge this monday the 27th 5-8.

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