2009 Trends: Cabernet Franc tops Pinot Noir?

Okay, maybe not. Although I’d put money on a substantial cooling of the California pinot noir market in 2009. But that’s not really so surprising, is it?

linecook415, written by Richie, one of cooks at NOPA in San Francisco, is a blog I enjoy reading for my back-of-the-house-the-kitchen-is-my-life fix. Say what you will about shows like Top Chef or Iron Chef, or even Anthony Bourdain: If you’ve spent time working anywhere in a restaurant, chances are good that you secretly covet a cook’s life. Parts of it anyway.

So back in December just before the holidays, Richie posted this end-of-night tally of items sold in the restaurant — and one of the guys on the line set a new record of 78 burgers (and that NOPA burger is damn good, btw). Check it out:

(image via linecook415)

But what’s also impressive here, at least from a wino’s point of view, is that cabernet franc outsold pinot noir 42-25. (I presume that’s by the glass.) How ’bout them apples?


3 thoughts on “2009 Trends: Cabernet Franc tops Pinot Noir?

  1. I’ve noticed a notable uptick in interest for cab franc as well, and a general cooling for Pinot Noir, which is fast on its way to becoming the next merlot in the eyes of the public.

  2. Well if it follows there will soon be a popular, if misguided, backlash against Pinot Noir and it will be relegated to a cocktail wine served only at functions held annually in hotel conference rooms, and Merlot will be picked up again by sly cultish winemakers seeking to cash in on irony. Cab franc will continue to confuse the public who will think it is some odd Cabernet Sauvignon mutant not to be trusted in large quantities, leaving the door open for…oh i don’t know, grenache. At least I hope so. I would hate to have to overspend for chinon.

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