Delfina’s Craig Stoll Gives the Finger to Fox News


Apparently Craig Stoll of the James Beard Awarded Delfina and Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco was scheduled to appear on the Fox News morning show but walked out after hearing what the hosts – presumably quoting disgruntled Yelpers – had to say about his pizza. As reported earlier this month by local magazine 7×7, Stoll & Co. recently made t-shirts quoting negative Yelp reviews, and then gave them to staff to wear during service.

Here’s one of the shirts (via 7×7):


And now to do something I never thought I’d do: Post a clip from Fox News!


2 thoughts on “Delfina’s Craig Stoll Gives the Finger to Fox News

  1. I’ve had Delfina pizza on 5 or 6 occasions and thought it was good neopolitan style pizza. I don’t know Craig Stoll but I’m guessing he suspected a media ambush and chose not to walk
    into it. Not surprising. More surprising was his willingness to
    go on Fox in the first place.

  2. Hmmm…while I admire Craig Stoll for walking out on this corny morning news segment, I do think that anyone who is somewhat picky about their fancy pizza would say that Delfina pizza sucks. As does A16. And, sorry SF natives,this city in general has awful pizza (both for neapolitan and classic NY style pizza)

    That having been said, Gialina in Glen Park is the spot for pizza in this town. Very good pizza, salads and service. Since they do not have a PR person on retainer, or an established brand name in a popular neighborhood, many people do not know this. But they should. Gialina. Opposite the Glen Park metro station. Worth the trip.

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