Too Many Vs

VinItaly+ViniVeri+VinNatur = VVV, wasn’t that a Vin Diesel movie?

Take this as an out of office message of sorts because I leave tomorrow for Verona (another V), and the chaos that awaits me there. If you’re a wino and looking for ways to kill time online, the I suggest spending a while checking out Peter Liem’s new Champagne MegaSite. It rules!

Oh, I’m also in the Twitterverse and so if you *really* have nothing else to do and want to kill some time, I’m more likely to post there than here for the next several days. 140 characters has its advantages after all. Follow me here (I’m @spume).

A presto!

2 thoughts on “Too Many Vs

  1. I’m sure I’ll bump into you in Italy dude… and if not let’s drink some Franciacorta (left over from Giovanni’s tasting) with Ceri when I’m in SF in May…

  2. Pity there won’t be Critical Wine this year – since La Chimica was evicted they have no venue. Nevertheless many of the producers will be present at VinNatur. In any case, onward to the Veneto, looking forward to some great wine!

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