VinItaly 2009: Some Impressions

There’s a new post up at Wine & Spirits with some of my impressions from the recent wine fairs in Verona, including VinItaly and Vini Veri. It’s a q&a format although how I managed to squeeze in time to answer everything during a recent marathon tasting of Italian wine in New York is beyond me. Anyway, one of the things that struck me most during this past trip to Verona is that the region in early April is a lot like the Edinburgh during the Festival and Fringe, which I had a chance to experience during my university days at St. Andrews (just up the coast from Edinburgh).

The Festival was once a singular theater/opera event happening every year in August; over time a festival Fringe developed that has since become larger than the original Festival. The net result is a massive cultural happening — mostly theater but really every kind of performance, including music, film and even bagpipes — that takes over the entire city for two weeks at the end of summer.

Verona is now sort of a vinous equivalent, with the natural wine fairs Vini Veri (which was greatly expanded this year) and Vin Natur, as well as Summa, which happens about 90 minutes outside of town in Alto Adige. A busy time to be sure, but also an amazing opportunity to taste some incredible wine and talk directly with producers, making it well worth the effort to get there.

(Click here to read the post at Wine & Spirits.)

3 thoughts on “VinItaly 2009: Some Impressions

  1. Interesting re-cap, Wolfgang. Quick question: how has the natural wine scene in Italy progressed in the past 5 years, and how would you compare it to that of their French counterparts?

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    Joe: the natural wine scene in Italy appears to be fairly healthy these days, if the crowds at Vini Veri and Vin Natur mean anything. I think in the last 5 years, the Italians have learned an important thing from the French, and that’s to be more organized. Things are clearly more coherent and producers are spending more time talking to each other, etc, especially the younger ones.

    Alfonso: I move fast like lightning! Sorry to have missed you at the fair and in Verona. I was in the area for a total of 5 days which made for a lot of blurriness.

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