It’s Good to be Home

Spent this past Saturday — a gloriously sunny afternoon — in Dolores Park enjoying a picnic and a bottle of 1990 Savennières-Roche aux Moines from Domaine aux Moines while playing cards and getting the first sunburn of the year. Lovely wine, although feeling a little soft and worn at the edges, so drink up.

It’s good to be home.


Above: Picnic treats found at Bi-Rite Market on 18th St., the perfect place to stock up for a long afternoon in a surprisingly uncrowded Dolores Park. (Wine came from my stash.)

If you don’t know this most San Francisco of parks, check out this humorous profile.

Below: Aside from a lively people scene, Dolores Park is notable for the incredible view.



6 thoughts on “It’s Good to be Home

    • I’ll look into the legality but I think it’s officially tolerated (being drunk in public on the other hand…); in any case, drinking wine is relatively lowly vice compared to some of the other, erm, consumption that often goes on in parks.

    • San francisco cops are much nicer!
      at dolores park you can:
      smoke weed,
      smoke crack,
      drink whatever booze you feel like drinking,
      get fat on birite ice cream,
      and if you wear tight enough pants and that you bring your fixed gear, you might even get laid….

      • How poetic!

        I’m still unclear how people wearing tight jeans can ride fixies but then again Bush was elected twice, so appearances are clearly deceiving.

  1. Yes, I find that tight tapered jeans and my IRO fixie are quite the lucky combination for me, as well. Now add some club weed and natural wine, and even the likes of Freida Pinto can’t resist my geeky ways and SF charm….

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