Almost 31 Days…

The title could well refer to the fact that I haven’t posted anything new for nearly a month. My apologies but for some reason I’m feeling like a short break from blogging is in order. It’s summer and all that. Besides, I got a new bicycle to replace the one that was stolen in May, and I’d rather be out riding it than tapping on a computer. At least for now.

So you could amuse yourself by trolling through the archives, or better yet, head over Cory Cartwright’s blog Saignée, where he’s had a month long post(ing)-party called 31 Days of Natural Wine to celebrate the one year anniversary of his blog. Jon Bonné and I recently added two co-posts where among other things we considered the virtues (and challenges) of ambient yeasts through pizza dough and wine. Part I is here and Part II is here. And you can follow the progress of all 31 Days here.

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