Nigerian Wine Spam?

A friend forwarded me this email, which might just be the work of Nigerian email scammers. Evidently the turmoil in the financial world — and perhaps an increased awareness of both personal finances and email scams — has forced the scammers into a new game. Either that, or this whole wine fraud thing is really getting out of hand.

Wow, who knew the international wine trade could be so much fun?

And remember, kids: Be careful when playing with the internet. Watch those credit card numbers. And POS machines (for routing purposes?).

God bless him

> From: Tim Mccarron
> Date: October 2, 2009 5:36:05 PM PDT
> Subject: Wine Booking.
> Reply-To:
> Hello,
> I want to make the reservation for 10 guests who are coming to your country for a meeting of private meeting.The group would need your wine services in your place,from 27th to 30th October of 2009.The Guests are 10 in number and we want to make a deposit of $3,000 USD in advance before their arrival. All the checks and balances will be made with you the 30th of October 2009.
> 1) you have a POS machine to charge credit cards?
> Contact me please back with your answer. God bless him.
> Regards,
> Mr. Tim McCarron.
> Mobile: xxxxxxx*

*Note: Phone number removed just to keep y’all from getting in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Nigerian Wine Spam?

  1. We’ve been getting these at the store for some time now … it’s always the bad grammar that tips it the most.

    The best scam ever though is getting a phone call from a service meant for the hearing impaired. They always ask for cases of Moet or Cristal through a third party who can not speak to you directly — only repeating what the caller ostensibly is typing into some device.

    Pretty crafty stuff.

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