Zinfandel and Kink: An S&M Wine Tasting

We San Franciscans love our wine. And we love our kinky sex. Apparently, we also like to combine the two.

From SFist comes word of the Wine & Rope tasting at local gallery, Femina Potens. And what are they tasting? Why zinfandel of course!

Go here to read more.

I might add that the crew over at SFist is taking a rather, well, sexualized view of wine lately. Besides revealing the bondage qualities inherent to big, bad, dirty zinfandel, they’ve portrayed chardonnay (of the California extraction) as the drink of whores.

3 thoughts on “Zinfandel and Kink: An S&M Wine Tasting

  1. “forced to lap up their wine from a dog bowl on the floor.”???
    Dress code is: “fetish, formal, lingerie, or nudity”???
    And not to mention the ticket options..
    Well, maybe I’m a bit too traditionalist to like the wine tastings the traditional way..

    • Alessandro, thanks for dropping by.

      I too prefer my tastings the more traditional way but you have to admit, this is a creative (and amusing) take on an old form.

      Un saluto da San Francisco!

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