Music Trumps Wine

Was going to post something about trying to decide what to drink tonight with dinner but decided that music trumps wine this evening. In fact, I should really be working on a writing assignment that’s painfully late but instead I’ve fallen down a YouTube rabbit hole. Two roots I snagged on my way down:

Rest in peace. As Old World Old School puts it, rock ‘n roll is here to stay.

Nostalgia for me, and on the mind with the Pavement reunion tour and just released best-of compilation. And hey, it is kinda wine-related after all, what, ‘oysters and Dry Lancers’ anyone? Side note for Pavement fans: interesting articles on Slate


4 thoughts on “Music Trumps Wine

  1. The expressions on the faces of The Boxtops in the video were classic.

    Nice pick on the Pavement tune. I’m trying to decide whether or not to go to the NYC shows.

    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the comment! Yeah, that’s a great Pavement tune. I got into a thing yesterday where I went through their videos, most of which I’d never seen. As for the shows, if you go please send a report – would love to hear about it.

  2. Thanks Wolfgang – will do. The shows aren’t until September 21st – 24th at Central Park Summerstage.

    Check out the Silver Jews, if you haven’t already. Stephen Malkmus from Pavement played on the first CD, American Water, which was just fantastic. Unfortunately, those guys broke up sometime last year.

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