Bumper Sticker Brunello

The other day a colleague of mine expressed his surprise to me when I mentioned that there had been, and continues to be, a scandal of sorts in Montalcino. I meant to get back to him on the subject but owing to the most current and vicious deadline of our publishing cycle, I totally forgot. Fortunately now I don’t have to, because my fellow italophile Jeremy Parzen has given an excellent summary over at the always enjoyable Do Bianchi. And not just a summary, mind you, but an engaging account rooted in the fresh perspective of an inquisitive and concerned americano who loves that whole Italian wine thing.

My favorite part of the post, what I feel people should take away:

Now, more than ever, Brunello and the folks who live in Montalcino — and especially the honest producers of Brunello, traditional and modernist alike — need our support. As summer comes to an end, get out that BBQ one more time, grill up a mean piece of meat, and decant that Sangiovese.


So thanks, Dr. J, now I can just forward a link to my colleague and be done with it. And then fire up the gril and bust out that decanter…