Real Italian Wine


Gruppo Vini Veri, a loose organization of Italian wine producers who are part of the growing natural wine movement, have announced the dates of their 5th annual tasting, April 3-5, 2008. As usual, it’s staged during the VinItaly trade fair in Verona; however, the Vini Veri producers very much consider their event–and movement–to be an alternative the bigger, busier show that is VinItaly. They are an interesting group of winemakers–not all are organic, nor even Biodynamic–but they are keen to respect the traditions of their zones and maintain a character in their wines that is unique and expressive. Eschewing international varieties in favor of indigenous grapes, working with the yeasts native to their vineyards and wineries, and a commitment to a minimal use of sulphur are among the tenets of their Vini Veri manifesto (every Italian organization needs a manifesto).

VinItaly itself is worth going to, but you can bet I’ll attend the Vini Veri tasting–and probably Critical Wine, too. There’s a lot to do in Verona come April…


5th annual ViniVeri – Vini secondo Natura
at the Villa Boschi
April 3-4-5 2008
Thursday & Friday from 10 to 6; Saturday from 10 to 2

For a complete list of participating producers, along with individual producer profiles, go here (Italian only).