Over & Over

So I’m in New York tasting wines for Wine & Spirits, which, while interesting on many levels, can be rather challenging in that I end up tasting hundreds of wines multiple times. I know, I know–I shouldn’t bitch, and I’m not. In fact, I find the exercise fascinating. But it can definitely wear you out. And for some reason I’ve had Hot Chip’s ‘Over & Over’ in my head all day long. Talk about repetitive stress injury (video below).

Also had the chance to try a wine from my birth year, a 1977 Kurt Darting Durkheimer Spielberg Riesling currently poured by-the-glass at Terroir in New York. The wine was surprisingly brilliant–I had thought it to be an off year, but this bottle was beautiful. Anyway, I’m a huge believer that one should, whenever possible, seek out birth year wines.

*If you’ve had a similar experience with a wine from your birth year, please feel free to share it in the comments.*

And in honor of this round of tastings…

In honor of this round of tastings…