City Biking is Dangerous


Remember kids: Always wear your helmet.

Public safety message here, partly inspired by some comments to my earlier post that mentioned the dangers of fixed-gear bikes. Now, I love riding my bicycle in San Francisco, and I wouldn’t hesitate to describe this city as a bicycle paradise. And I’ve been known to fill my water bottle with a refreshing rosé like the Gris de Gris from Domaine de Fontsainte for adventure rides around town. But damn kids, those are some dangerous streets out there! Between the rising number of bicycle fatalities in San Francisco and the unfortunate accident over the weekend where a deputy sheriff struck and killed two cyclists south of San Francisco, I’m tempted not to ride for a while. Or join in Critical Mass as a protest. Either way, I’m wearing my helmet. And probably not bringing along the rosé.

* Update: Erwin Dink at Winefoolery posted this appropriate video about bicycle awareness in London in the comments section.