The Stinky Stuff, or More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About SO2

(Above: One of the nifty graphics that designer Michael Austin did to illustrate some of the ways that SO2 is used in winemaking. Overall, I think the Chronicle did a terrific job with the layout–Nice work, guys!)

A bit of shameless self-promotion, but I have a feature in today’s Wine section of the San Francisco Chronicle. A long, lengthy discussion of sulfur dioxide and sulfites in wine in general. And as always, the comment trolls at the SFGate website are out in force. But whatever.

Feel free to hit the comments section here with any questions about the article/subject, or to start up a discussion.

(Go here to read the article)


VinItaly 08: Anteprima 2007

Besides this picture, which I thought captured a certain attitude towards the well-reported Montalcino scandal at this year’s VinItaly, one of the things I came away with from the event was the excitement many growers and winemakers feel towards their 2007 wines. You can read a brief report I wrote about tasting wines from this vintage at VinItaly over at Wine & Spirits.

Amaro Amaro Amaro

I have an article in today’s Chronicle on Italian amari–one of my favorite, favorite things to drink.

Had the deadline been a little later, I might have included the amazing Kloster Bitter from Abbazia di Novacella (yes, it’s made by monks), which is made from small pine cones harvested from tiny brush pines that grow around 2,400 feet in Alto Adige. But sadly I had no idea it existed until yesterday when I tasted it here at VinItaly.

You can read my amaro aritcle here.