Spume is managed by Wolfgang M. Weber, a wine professional and writer based in San Francisco. He is a former senior editor and critic for the wines of both Italy and California (Monterey south) at Wine & Spirits Magazine. Beyond Wine & Spirits, he is a contributor to Opus Vino from DK Publishing, and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Tasting Table, a daily food and drink email newsletter. He also represents to outstanding wine portfolios in the Bay Area, Revel Wine and Selection Massale.

This blog is independently produced and in no way does it reflect views or critical judgments of any other publication or website, or wine company, regardless of affiliation.

Contact. Email ripechablis (at) gmail (dot) com. Yes, it’s a ridiculous email address, but it’s also pretty easy to remember.

Samples. I don’t have the time or space to deal with samples, so please don’t bother.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, there you go! All these years of sending you samples; now, here you are with your own blog!

    I tried going backwards on your blog; and, by the time I had clicked through… I was reading July 2008. I realized you’ve been at it a lot longer than I imagined. So much learn about this ever changing, social media world… where we’re all struggling while trying to master the fragmentation of our PR/Marketing/Media Mosaic…

    It’s a trip!

  2. Now that I see your picture I know who you are!

    I met you at Terroir in San Francisco. I think I was doing a tasting there.

    You’re a very important guy and didn’t see at all interested.

    Frankly, I can’t blame you.

  3. My wife and I just returned from San Francisco by train. While on the train we met two young men who were friends of yours. I am embarassed to say, I can’t remember their names. At least one of them was an alumni of Notre Dame. In any case, we had some wine conversations over dinner, your name came up, and they said that you were planning to put cases together by theme or money or country or whatever and offer them to the public. I am very much interested in that concept and would like further information on your plans or the availability of your “custom” cases.

  4. Wolf, old boy, it’s Nico, your housemate in Firenze, circa ’97. Love your site. Ciao, bello! Viva Firenze!

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