Happy Hour: Cocktails at PDT

PDT, meaning “please don’t tell”, is an East Village cocktail den that I’ve been meaning to check out for sometime. Since New York is filled with many distractions–many of the edible variety–I usually overlook the vibrant cocktail culture in this town. Besides, PDT mixes up some of the best tipples in Manhattan, so it didn’t take my coworkers much effort to persuade me to join them for Happy Hour after a long day of tasting southern Italian wines.

Standouts: A balanced and nervy Negroni (my preferred cocktail) and a killer Daiquiri of all things. I haven’t had a daiquiri since a hazy trip to New Orleans ten years ago! Also great: Tater tots from the hot dog place next door, served with melted cheese whiz and chopped jalapenos.

Below, the house rules and photos of us entering the bar. PDT is hidden behind a fake phone booth inside the Crif Dogs restaurant– sort of a gimmick but the strict reservations policy keeps the crowd level down, all the better for enjoying your drink.