SF Street Food Meets Terroir

Or, Terroir, welcome to SF street food.


(Above: An empty taco truck lacking signage is parked in front of Chez Spencer)

Via Inside Scoop, one of the bestest, greatest things ever in the San Francisco Chronicle: Looks like plans are in the works for a Chez Spencer taco truck, erm, make that a frog truck, to park itself across the street from Terroir. Which makes sense; after all, two of Terroir’s owners used to work there.

Within a week or two, look for the Spencer on the Go truck across the street from Terroir Natural Wine Merchant & Bar (1116 Folsom St., at Langton) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, when visitors can take their plates of skate braised with capers ($8) and frog’s legs with curry ($9) inside the wine bar and order a glass. Katgely aims to keep all prices less than $12 and rotate the menu often.

(Go here for the whole thing)

Exciting news, and just in time for summer too. Sigh, there go my dreams of fitting into my vintage swimsuit…

*Note: If you don’t know Terroir, check out this article I wrote last year for the Chronicle.

(Thanks to Rob for the tip)


9 thoughts on “SF Street Food Meets Terroir

  1. I’m a very big fan of this idea. We talked about doing a similar concept here in LA (less frog, more tacos). Then I remembered I have no interest whatsoever in being in the restaurant/bar business.

    I am so long overdue on a trip to SF.

  2. Like any of us need an excuse to spend more time there…

    And there is some food at Terroir, but just charcuterie and cheese typically, not much else. Curried frog legs with what, chenin?

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  4. “I am so long overdue on a trip to SF,” says JDH. Not longer than I am, brother.

    This looks like a great setup. And yep, I’d say Chenin sounds just about right with the curried frog, Wolfgang. I’m thinking young Savennieres.

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